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Experienced Lawn Care Professionals in Rockwall and Surrounding Areas

Yard Up is your go-to expert for all things lawn care in the Rockwall area. We are here to offer you the best of the best when it comes to lawn care. Your lawn will be transformed anew with lush green sights and soil that will bounce back even in the worst of droughts.

Our team is here to help you every step of the way and ensure that your lawn and property are looking better than ever for the whole year. You can schedule our lawn care services to match your schedule and business. No matter what your needs are, our business is here to help you in any which way we can. Whether it be for mowing, weed control, or simple lawn maintenance, Yard Up has got it under control.

Read on to learn more about the services we offer and how we operate here in the Rockwall area.

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Lawn Maintenance

How Often Should You Maintain Your Lawn in Rockwall

If you're wondering how often you'll need to invest in lawn maintenance for your landscape, the thing to remember is that consistent care is key. With regular care and services, your lawn will look better than ever. It will be lush, green, thick, and a sight to behold. So you'll need to assess whether you want weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly care.

This all depends on your preferences, needs, and expectations. Some of our clients are on a weekly rotation while others are monthly. Each situation is unique and our experts will work with you to determine which plan of action is the best for you and your lawn.

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Our Latest Lawn Care Work in Rockwall

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Expert Garden Bed Maintenance and Rebuild Services in Fate, Texas

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Elevate Your Lawn with Expert Sod Replacement in Greenville, TX

Elevate Your Lawn with Expert Sod Replacement in Greenville, TX

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Transform Your Lawn with Premium Sod Replacement in Rockwall, TX

Transform Your Lawn with Premium Sod Replacement in Rockwall, TX

Revitalize your lawn with Yard Up Lawn & Yard Care's expert sod installation and replacement services in Rockwall, TX. Yard Up's recent sod replacement project in Rockwall showcases our commitment to excellence, as we've completed a stunning lawn transformation using premium-quality amended organic soil infused with […]

Lawn Services

What All We Do

We offer a wide selection of lawn care services that help you get a grasp on your lawn and landscape. These services range from basic to specialized and will yield great results for your property. Check out what we offer below:

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Service Areas

Areas We Service

We are proud to offer our lawn care services across a wide area near Rockwall. We know that not everyone that needs our services will be in these areas, so be sure to read below and contact us today to learn how you can invest in our services if you don't live in the listed areas:

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Tips & Tricks About Lawn Care

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We know that you may have some questions about our lawn care company and the services we offer. We have listed our most frequently asked questions below. If you don't see your question or concern addressed, please feel free to reach out to Yard Up at your earliest convenience.

For a lawn that is perfectly maintained and beautiful, you'll want to invest in lawn maintenance on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. Some lawns are more demanding than others, in addition to your own standards, so this timeframe may vary. You may be able to afford to only invest in lawn maintenance on a monthly basis. You can contact our lawn pros so that they can better assess your situation and needs.

Our mowing is much different than your DIY mowing in that we are a professional lawn care service company. We have the proper experience and tools that will help us effectively get the job done. We know how to regularly maintain our blades, how short to cut the lawn, and the best conditions for lawn maintenance. Mowing may be a chore that you enjoy doing, but if you are doing it incorrectly you are doing more harm than good. Best leave it to the professionals.

Yes, Yard Up works with commercial property owners. We offer commercial lawn care to help commercial property owners get a handle on their landscape and create healthy and beautiful scenes. We can work with you to create a schedule that doesn't interfere with your daily business and will help you maintain a uniform look for your landscape all year long.

The important thing about lawn fertilization is that it helps lawns grow more uniformly and help remedy patchy areas. Fertilization also helps lawns grow healthier and stronger, creating a more lush and resilient lawn that will last you a good long while with regular maintenance.

Upgrade Your Lawn Care in Rockwall and Surrounding Areas